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Teacup Magic: The First Collection

Perfect for lovers of gaslamp fantasy and Regency comedy-of-manners.

Miss Seabourne investigates! Murder mysteries, high society sorcery and family scandals abound in this magical Regency-inspired fantasy world. This collection contains the first three Teacup Magic cozy gaslamp fantasy novellas:

1. Tea and Sympathetic Magic

Miss Mnemosyne Seabourne teams up with a fascinating spellcracker to foil the kidnapping of the Duke of Storm, and prevent a forced marriage.

Featuring: charmed croquet, meddling mammas, and weaponised teacups.

2. The Frost Fair Affair

As the river freezes over, Mneme and Thornbury are beset by secret societies, spies and sneaky saboteurs. Who is leaving dead bodies around printing presses for anyone to find?

Featuring: romantic sleigh rides, a rooftop escapade, and a glass hedgehog.

3. Spellcracker’s Honeymoon

Our honeymooning heroine must unmask a magical murderer on an island without magic. Let’s hope it’s not her new husband…

Featuring: a spectacular masked ball, a gazebo picnic, and a secret tea room piled with cakes.

Indulge in this magical cozy comfort read today!