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Spellcracker's Honeymoon

Spellcracker’s Honeymoon

Happily married, Mrs Mnemosyne Seabourne travels to an island of no magic, for a relaxing honeymoon with her new husband.

But the magic-free Isle of Aster is not what it seems. There’s a monster roaming the hills, a royal scandal brewing on the horizon, and (of course!) an impossible, magical murder to be solved.

On the night of the Midsummer Masque at the Queen’s country palace, Thornbury goes missing, leaving Mneme to unravel a web of secrets and lies involving her own husband.

Who could commit magical murder on an island with no magic? Only a spellcracker…

If you enjoy cozy magical mysteries, glamorous masquerade balls and the art of saucy letter writing, you’ll love this new Teacup Magic novella.

The third in the Teacup Magic series