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Have Spirit, Will Duchess

Juno’s old curse has come back to haunt her… literally.

After two blissful years of ghost-free marriage, the spirits have come knocking at her door again. Her late mother-in-law the Duchess has taken possession of her home, and her late husband is obsessed with solving his own murder. To top it all off, her current husband has disappeared on a mission so dangerous that it might make her a widow all over again.

Most noblewomen get to put their feet up during a first pregnancy. Juno has a ship to commandeer, a mystery to solve, a husband to rescue (and another husband to exorcise) and a royal disaster to prevent. And she’s going to do it all with a horde of ghosts closing in around her, insisting she pay attention to their problems.

How else can she prove herself worthy of the title Duchess of Storm?

If you enjoy ghosts, cozy mysteries, and romance between people who are already married to each other, you’ll love the new Teacup Magic book.