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I’m Tansy Rayner Roberts and I write stories. Gaslamp fantasy, space opera, murder mysteries… you name it, I’ve probably written it. I live with my family in Tasmania, Australia, on Palawa land. From where we live, you can see kunanyi (Mt Wellington) and the Derwent River, heading out to the Tasman Sea.

My books contain such wonders as Roman festivals, disaster princes, weaponised teacups… and frocks. So many frocks.

I sold my first novel at the age of 19. Splashdance Silver (1998) began the Mocklore Chronicles, a series of comic fantasy novels. I spent quite a few years teaching Adult Education classes in Creative Writing while working on my PhD in Classics. Ancient history is my favourite thing! You can see my love for Ancient Rome in Love and Romanpunk, an alt-history short story collection about the Caesars and their family members… who were totally vampires and werewolves, by the way. Don’t @ me.

The Creature Court books were inspired by Ancient Rome, 19th Century theatre & cabaret, and the Roaring Twenties. These were originally published by Harper Voyager in 2010, but a few years ago I crowdfunded new indie editions featuring gorgeous Kathleen Jennings art.

The Teacup Magic books were inspired for my love of costume drama and gentle vintage mysteries… with a dash of mythological references, and a scoop of romance.

I’m also a podcaster. For ten years, I co-hosted the Hugo-winning Galactic Suburbia, discussing SFF publishing from the perspective of three Australian feminists. I’m a presenter all-female Doctor Who: Verity! Podcast. I also read my own stories as audio serials once a week on Sheep Might Fly.

Let’s talk about crowdfunding. I’ve run many successful crowdfunding campaigns via Kickstarter and other platforms, to put books directly in the hands of my readers. I’ve also run a Patreon for many years, offering bonus ebooks, exclusive stories and other content to my subscribers.

Who In The World is Livia Day?

Livia Day is my crime-writing alter ego. The Cafe La Femme and Fashionably Late books are fun cozy mysteries featuring frocks, friendship and SO MUCH CAKE.